Gordon hit the bench

Gordon hit the bench, the second team with the other players in place, the face of smaller defensive pressure, the stadium more efficient, and he entered the starting line, the face of greater defensive pressure, although the first attack will be more mobile phone, Efficiency is not ideal. Gordon in the rocket is more suitable for super sixth man role, but the rockets in the back line selection is very small, if not Gordon starting, you can consider the new aid Gerrard - Green. After defeating the Pacers 107-90, the Timberwolves beat the Lakers 114-96 back-to-back and became the second team to win at least 16 points in both back-to-back games this season, after only Pacers have done this (back to back Trevor Smith Jersey, respectively, beat the king and knight score) Cody Franson Jersey. Green's advantage is excellent athletic ability, the other is good at catch shooting. In the three games played on behalf of the Rockets, Green averaged 9.3 points, 6.7 points from the ball shooting. Green catch the ball shooting 53 Victor Bartley Jersey.8%, shooting three-point shooting hit rate of 50%. Green starter, can provide the starting lineup for the Rockets defensive catch shot function, after all, was a single game to get 41 points P.K Subban Jersey, Green's scoring ability is not weak.
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