Rockets may wish to learn Warriors

Rockets may wish to learn Warriors, Curry continuous injury in 11 games during the Warriors attack was affected, after all, the lack of an MVP-level attacker, but the Warriors made up for defense. In those 11 games P.K. Subban Jersey, the Warriors defensive efficiency ranked first in the league, which is their 11 war 9-2 core strength. The Rockets have put the defensive efficiency into the league's top five goals for the season, they once raised the defensive efficiency to this level, but the recent decline in the quality of the defense serious Austin Watson Jersey. In the recent wave of 6 war 5 negative period, the rocket's defensive efficiency ranked second to last in the league Stefan Elliott Jersey, if the Rockets do not improve the defense performance, relying on attack and opponents, Paul's pressure will be very large. San Antonio Spurs on the battle to 79-93 loss to the Pistons, the end of the three-game winning streak to 25 wins and 12 losses, Leonard debut with the Pistons in 18 minutes to get 18 points, no other player highlights. Spurs will continue the road trip next war, the opponent will be the Knicks Victor Bartley Jersey, Beijing time on December 29, 2017, the Spurs had the home to 119-107 victory over the Knicks.
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