Gordon hit the bench

Gordon hit the bench, the second team with the other players in place, the face of smaller defensive pressure, the stadium more efficient, and he entered the starting line, the face of greater defensive pressure, although the first attack will be more mobile phone, Efficiency is not ideal. Gordon in the rocket is more suitable for super sixth man role, but the rockets in the back line selection is very small, if not Gordon starting, you can consider the new aid Gerrard - Green. After defeating the Pacers 107-90, the Timberwolves beat the Lakers 114-96 back-to-back and became the second team to win at least 16 points in both back-to-back games this season, after only Pacers have done this (back to back Trevor Smith Jersey, respectively, beat the king and knight score) Cody Franson Jersey. Green's advantage is excellent athletic ability, the other is good at catch shooting. In the three games played on behalf of the Rockets, Green averaged 9.3 points, 6.7 points from the ball shooting. Green catch the ball shooting 53 Victor Bartley Jersey.8%, shooting three-point shooting hit rate of 50%. Green starter, can provide the starting lineup for the Rockets defensive catch shot function, after all, was a single game to get 41 points P.K Subban Jersey, Green's scoring ability is not weak.
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Rockets may wish to learn Warriors

Rockets may wish to learn Warriors, Curry continuous injury in 11 games during the Warriors attack was affected, after all, the lack of an MVP-level attacker, but the Warriors made up for defense. In those 11 games P.K. Subban Jersey, the Warriors defensive efficiency ranked first in the league, which is their 11 war 9-2 core strength. The Rockets have put the defensive efficiency into the league's top five goals for the season, they once raised the defensive efficiency to this level, but the recent decline in the quality of the defense serious Austin Watson Jersey. In the recent wave of 6 war 5 negative period, the rocket's defensive efficiency ranked second to last in the league Stefan Elliott Jersey, if the Rockets do not improve the defense performance, relying on attack and opponents, Paul's pressure will be very large. San Antonio Spurs on the battle to 79-93 loss to the Pistons, the end of the three-game winning streak to 25 wins and 12 losses, Leonard debut with the Pistons in 18 minutes to get 18 points, no other player highlights. Spurs will continue the road trip next war, the opponent will be the Knicks Victor Bartley Jersey, Beijing time on December 29, 2017, the Spurs had the home to 119-107 victory over the Knicks.
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As a player who has won

As a player who has won 9 of the best defensive team, Paul's personal defensive ability Needless to say, he is also a great team leader will lead the defensive enthusiasm. Paul played with Harden this season, the rocket attack efficiency (one-round score) is 118.9, Paul alone led the rocket attack efficiency is 117.1, not very different. But on the defensive end, the difference is clear. Paul and Harden joined forces, the rocket defensive efficiency (one-hundred points lost) is 110, Paul alone led the rocket defensive efficiency of 95.6. Paul single core, rocket defensive efficiency better. How to play with Thomas? Even James himself did not know Filip Forsberg Jersey. Early last month, Knight has heard the news of the arrival of small Thomas coming back, a reporter asked James how to find the feeling of cooperation with the little Thomas, James turned out to be playing more 2K NBA games Pekka Rinne Jersey. I play a lot of 2K games, this is the most real basketball game ever. "James said." I'm going to use different lineups and players in the game to see how good our team is Miikka Salomaki Jersey. In the game, I and small Thomas with good results P.K Subban Jersey.
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This is not to say that Harden

This is not to say that Harden hams the defensive end, after all, Paul Monon led the time, just half playing time with Harden, the data sample is relatively thin, but Paul is a teammate to lead the team to do better on the defensive end Of the players Mike Santorelli Jersey, no doubt about it. Durant not only averaged 28.8 points, 8.2 rebounds and 5.5 assists while Curry was on the block, and averaged 2.8 blocks per game, the league's blockade king at that time, and Houston needed Paul to be their Durant , But at the same time the Rockets have to align with the Warriors Caixing, after all, defense is not a matter, this is a team work. This may be just a joke of James, but he and little Thomas compatible, is indeed related to the Cavaliers prospects this season a major event. The crux of the matter is what kind of offensive Thompson can play in the absence of a ball Seth Jones Jersey. Celtics legend Pierce once talked about the coexistence of small Thomas and James on the offensive end in a show, he said: "When playing in Boston Dante Fabbro Jersey, he (Little Thomas) has been accustomed to the ball attack, and his teammates Pick and roll to score to Knight, the situation is not the same, LeBron sure will control the ball, he came to organize and distribute the team's attack Pekka Rinne Jersey, we all play around him.
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